The TARGA PS6000 is specially designed for solar protection of canopies, pergolas and various structures made of wood or steel. Perfect for large areas up to 23 ‘x 23’.


  • Made to measurements.
  • Available in 3 standard colors.
  • High quality SATTLER canvas with more than 150 colors available.
  • Closes entirely in the elegant trunk for optimal protection of the fabric.
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  • Minimum width 2’9 ”.
  • Maximum width 23 ‘.
  • Minimum extension 3’7 ”.
  • Maximum extension 23 ‘.

Product Features

There are multiple options to customize the canpoy to your environment.

  • Possible installation on various existing structures.
  • Mandatory minimum tilt of 6 ° to 15 ° for the flow of rainwater.
  • Structure in thermo lacquered aluminum, guaranteeing an exemplary service life.
  • Traction of the fabric by means of gas cylinders and stainless cables integrated into the guide rails.
  • A minimum crossbar is required to reinforce the structure.
  • 3 guide rails required from a width of 22 ‘or from a width of 18’ for all extensions greater than or equal to 21 ‘.
  • Flexibility in the installation, the guide rails can be deported up to 3’3 ”.
  • Car carrying trunk.
  • Series engine.

Options & Operation


    For added security, the wind sensor automatically retracts the awning in strong winds.


    The extruded aluminum wall fitting profile is mounted on the facade to prevent rain water from flowing between the facade and the canopy trunk.


    When used for rain, grommets are positioned 10″ from the load bar so that the water can drain at the end of extension.

Cassette Colors

The aluminum structure of the AIROMATIC is available with the following standard colors. Note that on request the frame can be painted with other colors.

  • WHITE RAL 9010
  • GRAY RAL 9006


  • STOBAG offers the complete range of fabrics of the STAM 6002 collection in flammable polyester on the pleated fabric of MELANO.
  • STAM 6002 canvases are high-quality canvases made with the greatest demands in terms of fading and resistance to UV, but also in terms of resistance to tearing and weathering.
  • Regarding commercial facilities, we can offer you the canvases that meet the most stringent requirements in the USA and fire standards in Canada.

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